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During our earth science class, one of the noticeably factual-and-descriptive-learning-method classes, we were having an exam coming up. Everyone had their eyes wide and white, spamming through the disordered notes had their hair disheveled; I, on the other hand, took it easy. I brought upon myself a new door to learning, indiscriminately, to all lessons in my life. I gathered all the information relevant to the exam, established a basic understanding, adding details, and construct an info-graphic.  Having the graph as a product was an additional benefit, the process of creating the info-graphic was the golden reward I was aiming for. 

A basic info-graph about life that existed on earthLink to the graph.

I am not small !

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Ant is a small insect that belongs to a group of Formicidae, just like others insect wasp and bee.”Ants are one of the smallest species and smallest being that you can possibly see. But does ant actually consider the smallest thing?”, that is what Cambodian thinks for hundreds of year.

Many decades later, in 1704 the existence of Democritus has changed the aspect of all scientists which he explained as “Atom”, all matter is made up from small indestructible, invisible units. In 1704 our world renown scientist, Isaac Newton has theorized a mechanical universe with small, solid masses in motion. In 1873 James Clerk Maxwell proposed the theory of electromagnetism and made the connection between light and electromagnetic waves. In 1874 G.J. Stoney theorized the existence of “electron” that electricity was comprised of negative particle.J.J. Thomson determined the charge to mass ratio of the electron. In 1898 Rutherford discovered alpha, beta, and gamma rays in radiation and he also assumed that the electrons were located outside the nucleus. In 1914 H.G.J. Moseley discovered that the number of protons in an element determines its atomic number

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Thanks to the discoveries, we now know that there are so many things that smaller than ants. Atom is made up of a nucleus and electrons. The nucleus contains protons and neutron. In 1964 Murray Gell-Mann proposed that there is something that smaller than protons which are called quark and it is the smallest most, mysterious thing according to humans.

“There is a limitation of what human knows, but we are curious of what beyond limits”-Virak Bandith Thay.