The Self-Help Industry [2021 Impact Statement Speech]

Have YOU ever heard of “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” written by Steven Covey? Or ‘The 48 Laws of Power’ written by Robert Greene? Or “How to Win Friends and Influence People” written by Dale Carnegie? And what about ‘The Power of Habits’ written by Charles Duhigg? Well, these are a few infamous titles written by a few notable figures in the self-help bookshelves, and a few examples of self-help books I have accumulated so far into the quarantine. I know, it’s quite a rigorous reading these past few months considering I would never have turned a page in a few months if I were to be reading “Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s stone”. These self-help books were EXTREMELY tempting to me, and I believe they would be the same for you. For instance, these books help you to see through your incompetence and lack of talents, and magnify the number of struggles and pains you have gone through to get to where you are right now. See how much you desire those things, and how much you have gone through to get them. And if I were to approach you, ‘This is a secret to the most successful businessman to ever trod the earth, and the only thing you need to be as successful is five simple and easy steps. Invest in this book for $45, and you will be taking home a hundred million dollars in the next five years’.

I believe you would totally buy it because it sounds especially promising with the circumstances you are in right now; a pandemic world where we are prone to poverty, injustice, and discrimination. And if you are not tempted to read, self-help comes in many ways from video platforms to audio podcasts to online remote learning courses, and interestingly, they also come with social media such as Instagram and Facebook. On a side note, for all we know about social media is the fact that despite it’s being utilized for good, its negative feedback on our society overwhelmed its benefits; by polarizing people, by propagating lies, by misleading people into buying a product, by spreading fear and exploiting people’s mental illnesses and insecurities…etc.

For the record, the self-help industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with the diverse markets of books, CDs/DVDs, audiobooks, infomercials, motivational speakers, public seminars, workshops, retreats, webinars, holistic institutes, personal coaching, apps, Internet courses, training organizations and many more. This fact only describes how we are willing to spend for improvement in our professional and personal life, but also particularly, how much our vulnerability has been taken advantage of. 

Ouch but that’s the truth, and I have to break to you, that includes some TEDTalks as well. 

Thesis: Not a single cent is needed for you to acquire productivity and your path toward success. It only demands time. There are no universally accepted laws that fit you and the situation you are in. The key is within you, cut through all the arbitrary steps, and experience the painful path toward success. 

AND I believed you could have possibly walked into the same pit, it’s because I did the same mistake. I sold myself to the book. I remembered being described as ‘very conceptual and not very grounded with the reality which I took personally. Well it was nice of him to not put it blatantly, ‘on normal days I am delusional and at my best days, I am confused’. But the perquisite of the so-called ‘delusional’ human being that I am is that I get to be doubtful and needlessly cautious when it comes to approaching a problem in life. 

And here is my story with the self-help industry. 

  Ever since the start of this academic year, I was experiencing the all-time high of my career as a student. A new year, a new me. At the start of August, the time before school started, I was recommended to embark on the path to success by preparing my mentality for clearance, resolution, and commitment. I did all I could to ensure that I have a clear value, approachable goals toward success, and especially, thorough and well-thought-out plans about the future. At the time, I was able to micro-manage each second of my life; waking up at 4 AM in the morning to exercise and read books; after a light breakfast, I would continue to practice a little mindfulness by listening to podcasts about self-improvement; as for lunch, it’s my biggest meal of the day, and so I could eat to full; at 3 PM I would start to fit into a pair of jogging pants or sport wears, and I would start jogging and lifting weights. 


For the first time in my life, I felt a sense of accomplishment and complete control. I have been able to lose weight which also shed my insecurity. I have been able to make friends with people I never have the courage to engage in conversation with, additionally, I have been able to have proper teamwork with people I never wanted to confront. I remembered all the blissful moments I had at our dormitory at school. Life felt so perfect. Until…


The February break was supposedly a little moment away from the Liger family, a moment to recover our relationship with our individual family. But due to the March outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, the break has been extended far past comfort. You see, as a person, I am also described as ‘energetic and optimistic…but quite reliant on the energy of people around me’, which I also took personally, they are just saying I am hypocritical. But the perquisite of being quite extroverted is that I will be best productive when I am around people. Due to the current situation, the government and the Ministry of Education had put a pause on schools across the country. Although there seems to be a conflicting atmosphere among Cambodian students about the current situation regarding closing school, Liger students know that remote learning will only get harder as day pass by because we are on the brink of ending grade 10, and in case you might not be familiar with Liger, our credit systems demand the most of the last 3 academic years, slacking off is detrimental to my credits thereby it’s not an option for me if I want to reach somewhere desirable. 

A month into the quarantine of the March outbreak, the class has already been running back onto its track, we were doing a remote online class of course. I was starting to notice an intrinsic reaction with the incoming works that were toppling on my desk into an array of mountains. But why would I be giving up? I will look weak. FYI(For your information) In the program here at Liger, while doing our essential classes(Math, Physics, English  Literacy, Khmer Literacy), we are also assigned to a variety of school projects that encourages to create impact or change Cambodia in a certain aspect, we called these seven-weeks projects —Exploration. Additionally, to go above and beyond the norms, you could also sign up for remote independent learning or extracurricular activities for elective credits. 

And I was having multiple of those extracurricular activities as well a particularly HUGE and time-consuming exploration to topple it up. As time progressed my situation had gotten worse, physically and mentally I was starting to get exhausted from telling myself to keep on going with my routines while having to manage that many workloads. Although the situation was progressively grim day by day, I was not willing to give up. Reminding myself to be aware of all the muscle and strength I have gained, as well as the productivity and the improvement in my ability to focus; I was in a dilemma. A book, or multiple books actually,  told me to be happy when I am doing something, so I could be productive. BUT same the book also told me to spend time wisely and get ahead of the herd. In fact, you can see this contradiction everywhere nowadays, from the popular YouTube channels to great advice given from online programs, and most importantly, even the books under the same author have contradictions in their advice. However puzzled I was, I continued on with my works while maintaining the self-help improvements. 

On one eventful evening, my mom received a call from the school about an ambiguous online program under the topic of psychology, which she later inform me saying that the course will need an additional fee as a part of it is already under the Liger budget. My reaction was unsurprisingly excited about this online program which is also another window of opportunity to earn credits, additionally, they had ensured me to give advice on productivity as well as insights into the intrinsic human behaviors that will forever change my habits. And so, I happily accepted the opportunity and signed up for the program. 

After subscribing to the program, it turned out to be a self-paced online course called EmpowerU where the assigned instructor only reminds us to do the lessons that are up to date. At first, I was optimistic about the situation even though there was tons of work already, but as the course progressed I started to get bugged by the content of the lessons. The contents seem to be treating the matter of the situation I am in right now as if it was a 2+2 arithmetics, additionally, the questions they have conducted seem a little too dull-witted which I choose to summarize in this picture.


 And this has kick-started my search to unearth the truth about self-help.  

Now have you realized a pattern that I used in my speech above? Did you notice I have intentionally portrayed myself as a sensitive and self-absorbed who refuse to take the words as it is?  If you are nodding right now, that’s the miracle of our brains. What about your assumption about how I have grown to be the person depicted in this speech? 

As you can probably tell by now, human loves to be in order. Of course the order I am talking about is the pattern in life. When facing problems in the world, the human brain has the tendency to be on the lookout for patterns that we could make sense of, because we are greatly unease by the sense of losing control and incompatibility. As you were listening to my speech, you might have begun to note down my words unconsciously, and eventually, you have concluded a pattern about my behavior. And then you might even begin to questions all the unspeakable things I have grown up from. In just a few minutes, you might have already sketched out a plan on how to interact with me, which you might or might not have perceived as a threat, all the way from the past behavior to the future steps. 

But what does that have anything to do with the self-help industry? Why am I spending so much time on this nonsense? 

Well, thank you for holding on to the speech for this long. For more than a year of listening to advice from the self-help media(i.e. Books and online courses), and I too, had begun to notice a particular pattern. Whether they be a book or an online course, they would start off the contents of their products with either COMPLETELY SCIENTIFIC psychological facts or a piece of a philosophical concept. WHY? It’s attractive. When you began to empathize with the person in the book, you noticed all the emotions that were reflected back, and basically, you started to BELIEVE. All the pains, all the blissful moments, and all other moments. They do not have to be accurate. They just have to be realistic, and by selling these depictions of realistic moments that could be in contradiction or arbitrary to the subject matter, they have sowed a seed of belief and hope for success in you. You started to see a pattern, a sense of control over the painful life. THAT is also where the problems lie. After getting hooked up to the perfect illusion of self-control and discipline, they could start to put in NONSENSE for the volume so they could be selling their products to earn grands. And that concludes my story with the self-help industry; losing a hundred buck on a scam self-help online course and spent an unretrievable amount of time reading books and sufferings from the negative aftermaths. Throughout this process, I have been heavily impacted by the failures and came out of them with a renewed mindset and view of the world. 

I realized that to be productive and be set on a path toward success, demands time on learning the meaning and concepts by having an actual experience on the subject matter. It doesn’t necessarily require any cost to acquire self-improvement, it only requires an adventurous view of the world. Be doubtful about what is being taught, and be comfortable with losing control. There is a ‘self’ in the ‘self-help’, so why are you admitting to OTHER’s works? It has to come from within.

Aperture One: Regrets

As agents of change and leaders that are currently under the guidance of Liger Leadership Academy, we ought to be able to stand up and play the part of leadership we have been inspired to be. Liger is a cultivated atmosphere of students who aspire to make an impact, a comfortable environment that encourages its students to chase their passion, and the window to look for sweet and bitter remembrances. From a Cambodian perspective, Liger is a place of miracles.  

Virak Bandeth. Virak is a common name for Cambodian, brought upon the new-born the fate of heroes. Bandeth, on the other hand, is a rarely seen name in a place that has just been healed from the history of gruesome genocide; the child will be expected to be a miracle. 

I remembered sitting at a desk, little streams of light through the small aperture of the roof, in the gloomy, cluttered corner of the tattered house of mine. It was the burning sensation of the summer of 2019, the long-awaited period of the year that was about to end as fast as it started. I was feeling dizzy from the hallucinations, which I knew that was what I believed to be, a hazy mindedness. I was minding my little dreams that dated far too long before humans existed, dreaming of how high I could have climbed the mountain, dreaming of how much I could devour, dreaming of how pleasant the reward could be. Until then, at the death of the summer, did I realize that it was all just a dream; pondering over what I have accomplished, that was nearly negligible, by contrast, I was pulled into the gratifying fantasies instead of continuing my baby steps toward success. At one moment,  I was hating my selflessness to believe in everyone’s expectations; I was even more enraged when I knew I was cluelessly taking on a journey with no destination. At the other moment, I was feeling breathless in my regrets that were brought from thinking of the time I was idly living from the past few years at Liger. But I was too embarrassed to even ask for help from anyone because of bearing the name ‘Bandeth’; a rarely seen name in a place that has just been healed from the history of gruesome genocide; the child will be expected to be a miracle. The miracle that couldn’t be irresponsible of their fault, they have the mind to solve if they have the ‘will’. 

 I needed to capture my ‘wills’. 

At that very moment, in my head, I started to visualize my goal of becoming a better human. I have the plan to cultivate my soul by completing the three main ‘wills’. 

The first will was to be more humane. The goal here is simple and clear; to be more compassionate and to empathize with the people of Cambodia and the world. As born in Cambodia, a Khmer who knew nothing about his own country is immeasurably disappointing, I admit to myself of this shameful fact. 

The second will was to write more. Writing is a relic that was invented to bridge together the ancients and the futures.  Writing in any manner is beneficial to a person’s life, it enables those individuals to define themselves of all the uncertainty in the world. Starting the year, I told myself to befriend books and pencils. I knew that I was not empowered to be achieving greatly in literature, still, expectations befitting the learned ones are the preferable lengthy, complex writings filled with massive amounts of information. 

Finally, the third will was to consistently improve; Kaizen. During the school year of 2019, among all the classes of Advanced Enrichment, there is one particular class that every student walks in feeling lost in the chaos of the world, to only later walks out arguing how short-sighted a human could be, the class of ‘Global Current Events’. On the day of 13th December, I remembered walking in with a dark shroud of gloomy shadow hung over my head. The class was filled with students who had their mouth glistening with grease after a snack break, they seemed to be stimulated from the sugar within, noises answering the whereabouts of students who were not there. Our facilitator, Teacher Bunthan Un, then proceeded to talk about our lesson of the day. ‘Today, we are looking at Japan’, or somewhere along the lines that would pique my interest. Kaizen, continuous improvement. There and then, I found out that this philosophical thinking was similar to my goals in many ways. 

Bliss, Anger, Anxiety, Excitement, Frustration can all be the root of regrets. Among all questions of the mind, the abnormal regret is a dual-sided blade. A perfect allegory to most people’s regrets is ‘the gas in a lost balloon swaying in the sky’.Regrets push you up the sky but to where? Regrets can explode the gas that has swelled up in you but are you willing to fall and let go of your life? Regrets make you restless; do you explode so you fall back to your comfort or keep levitating to nowhere? Regret is the epitome of all mortal madness.

Unexpectedly, I  was fated upon a project that best reflected the act of changing Cambodia, I was allowed to grasp on to the wondrous world of electricity.  

The Electricity of Cambodia Exploration was led by our facilitator Keith Simpson, aiming to make contributions toward the new Economic of Cambodia website; another project covers the whole scope of the economy in the Kingdom of Cambodia. As explained a few times in other articles, an Exploration is a seven weeks long project. In the span of this seven weeks, we were trying to achieve 1)Understanding electricity that includes basic information (Method to make electricity, history of electricity invention, how each method affects the environment…), as well as the network of Cambodia electricity and its economy 2)Be a part of the change toward electricity in Cambodia. 

To be a part of the change toward a country, it must start with its people. As we started to look into methods Cambodians are using to generate electricity, Keith started to introduce us to more organizations that lead toward one path, sustainable and accessible electricity. Okra Solar was one of the organizations that we were introduced to, also one of the leading organizations that provide sustainable energy to rural areas far from the electricity grid.

Guided by the said organization, we were set on to meet residents in a designated rural area of Kampong Speu province, we got to experience the hands-on assembly of the smart grid technology and its implementation for the residents through a couple of interviews.   

Being a part of this project has taken a toll on my brain, the inability to completely process and manage the information that I was being fed, it was frustrating how much time I spent reading each sentence aloud. I regretted it. I will shamefully admit that, as a change agent, I wasn’t taking the whole project as a significant change in my journey. Despite all of that, an awareness has sprouted in my mind. I noticed a smile; during the trip to Kampong Speu, we had an interview with an elderly woman of the village, her smile was genuine about the topic of her electricity usage. “I always use the electricity provided by the installed smart grids of the house on the ‘lap-top’, it’s for watching dramas’ ”, she proudly explained about her portable DVD player with a swivel monitor in the shape similar to a lap-top.  Her smile that I noticed, it told a story.

Then, we further inquired, ‘How many people are in this house? And who do you live with?’, that abruptly saddened her smile. ‘My children have all grown up, now they are working in the factory far away from home. I live alone’, she then explained. It’s a story of an old lady accompanied by her trusty ‘lap-top’ to pass the day, a story of how a problem we have overlooked by the ordinary townsfolk, a story of how technology changed lives. A story reminds me of the privilege that we all have been accustomed to, a story that has left me in regret. 

The network of electricity and its economy is surely a challenge for a fourteen-year-olds publisher who desires perfection when there are bound to be slight mistakes to be able to improve as a novice. Ultimately, it progressed, even if not directly toward Cambodia, it was a great learning experience toward my journey of changing Cambodia.  

Fear and regrets. Most prodigy never fears consequences that come with growth, yet those who choose to mindlessly advance are greatly uneasy with negligible mistakes. It is all just a matter of calculation. 

 A Child’s future is determined by their present circumstances, this next story of change is a rather heart-warming experience, unfolding a sympathy between children of the same root.

In a rural village, a group of unprivileged students who had dreams that have yet to be realized was rushing in through the cemented gate. Project Little Dream.  In the village of Thnout Takeo, laid a school founded and designed by ‘fifteen university students with a common dream.’ The foreign structure of the school facilities creates an environment for productivity, students were inspired to learn. However, as a change agent, Bong Srey Neang Oun noticed a problem that she could change, to leave a permanent impact. Our Senior, who is now an alumnus, was born and raised in Thnout village. Before continuing her next chapter in life, she was permitted to create an impact on her country. Having concluded changing the lives of those little children in her village, she explained that part of her education in her childhood has been the lack of good English language arts. As she explained, I could ‘see’ the spark within her eyes, I was reminded that I could be a part of this change. 

I remembered during our exploration, as the bus paved through the nutrient-rich soil, along the neverending field of greenery that will yet to turn to a grandiose golden army, along with sounds of steering wheel trying to evade a group of running children whose clothes were besmirched as dark as their skin; she described her home, her neighbor, her friends, her villages yet, ironically, if these stories were told to most children living in the urbanized cities, they were neglected as if their very mind is buried under hills of technology devices, a forgotten beginning. There, we were set on the journey to make changes.

“It’s our home, our siblings, our friends, our village, our land by the virtue of being a Cambodian, a descendant of the people who were once so splendid; our land stretched to the far north-east, our rice field laid between mountains of the north-west, our kingdom’s water was supplied from the countless streams of the river that run deeps in our culture. It was all lost in the river of time, gradually degrading. I deeply regret that all we have got to see are the barely surviving remnants of the kingdom.

When all is said and done to the best of my ability, I still lose in regrets. The regrets that I have felt during the same period last year, have presented themselves yet again; a puncture to the heart, now, however, it’s an aperture letting a stroke of light in.  Due to the benefits and hindrance of these uncertain times of the world cursed with COVID-19, they had me thinking. The window of opportunity to self-discoveries has appeared, the period of quarantine is a blessing in disguise.  It was just a lingering regret at first, yet as the days progressed, a turbulent strong enough to create a cycle of self-doubt. It was pitch black in here, yet I doubted it, I am a change agent after all. 

Don’t conform to darkness, create your light no matter how minuscule the aperture could be. The subsequent events, let it be determined by the mind’s eye. 

Since then, “Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.”-Siddhartha Gautama has become my mantra for the rest of my life, it has come to be, “Doubt everything, no matter who it is, no matter what it is, or even this very quote, doubt it until it refined your reason and your own common sense,” from my perspective. 


Traditional healer/Witch

It’s a tragedy,

“It is sad, but not uncommon,

It’s a story of an elderly healer”.


A story of a generous Eighty-three years old traditional healer,

Who knows how to stop children who cry, 

Who knows good medicine for women after giving birth,

Who would gladly heal any patients who wish to be cured.


At the funeral of a seventeen years old girl,

By just touching the deceased’s foot,

Rumors had it on,


Hem Ty the traditional healer,

The sorcerer,

Might be a black magic caster,

Who murdered the girl. 


Touching the foot,

Because he felt insecure,

He has to make sure,

The girl is dead.


Nobody had considered the possibility,

If it’s a reality or just a fantasy,

All they know is revenge,

Chain of acts of sabotage, 

Was set off against Ty’s family.


The healer’s innocent dog was poisoned,

A stockpile of wood is on fire,

Not just any ordinary wood,

But wood for a new HOME SWEET HOME.


Knowing it’s your last day,

Running in fear is what you would do,

It’s the same for Hem Ty too,

Do anything just to be out of sight. 


Two hours passed,

A gruesome discovery had discovered,

People fish and see fish,

But now they fished and hooked onto a shirt, 

Not just a shirt,

But with a body,

Of a traditional healer,

With a head chopped and murdered with an ax. 


Blue and black, 

Moaning and Screaming

Echoes of despair 

Bruises dribbling 

Crystal clear blood.

A petrified figure 

Hung from the arch 

Of the massive cathedral 

In the Mosque.


Cramped but 

Miraculously beautiful 

Angelic frame as a Melek,

Though he shall cleanse 

In the face of 

The holy magical existence

The absolute authority 



Nonsense, ludicrous 

Are two words in his mind.

Soothing chants mumbles

Are orders that he was to obey.

A mandate to purge his strang lustful sins.


His voice.

It was soulful, dark and heavenly.

The otherworldly voice from hell is 

Promising to be forgiven and he will adore the holiness 

Forever. Forever.

While his heart, beating viciously about him imploring 

Purity, calling himself



The liar was

Booed ‘Flower’ when he 

Was ten.

‘Sissy’ when he was twelve.

He was then teased ‘twink’ by the boys,

When he was thirteen.

And now fifteen 

He is being hung 

For others as a lesson. But

No one ever knows his name. 


Here is a poem 

Whom I fantasize his life

Whom endures his fate

Who loves himself for his differences.

His name is Perilera.

I was born into

A family of five.

Five soon-to-be 

Useful sons.

Before she left, she would say

Five promising eggs

Elegant pure heron’s egg.


The first big-headed brother

Is called Ahmed which means

Greatly praise 

To his intelligence.


The second strong-willed brother

Is called Imran.

Implies the prosperity of the nation’s leader.


The third bright brother

Is called Vedad 

for his outgoing and friendliness.

The fourth tenacious brother 

Is called Kenan 

For his possessive and defensive 



As for me 

The fifth son,

I was named by my mom,

Perilera which was 

Meant to praise my petite body

As faeries. But

My dad was bickering for days 

About sin will take him from the skull, but


That was still my mom’s yearning

In her last moment 

After giving birth.

Electricity of Cambodia exploration

A chapter of struggle and failure might be a big contribution to a successful book.


Writing but with resources and facts. Resource and fact within the writing. After working with the senior on a project called Cambodia Economy website, I was exhausted. Braindead of the relentless stress of fearing informational essay. But here I was, sitting through the class overwhelmingly participation of the question ‘Who doesn’t want to write?’ asked Keith, our facilitator who help us on the work of electricity of Cambodia; an exploration apart of Cambodia Economy. Filling with the anxiety about what will happen to my credits if says ‘Not me’, agreeing to face the challenge again. The devil keeps ramming my head with the idea to stay within my comfort zone, while the angel tells me to face my fear of informational text.


I chose to believe the angel and I didn’t have any regret.


But as if the devil can travel time, my work doesn’t turn out to be great. I was filled with depression and stress from disappointment for days. Until the angel enlightened me again. I looked at the ‘mirror’, the angel is indeed right, I can see what I have gained in return from those studies, research, and interview; my failure is worth it. It will be a big amplification to my writing skills for the rest of my life.


I feel genuinely happy and productive of what I have done. A failure but one with my optimal skills, and a lot of lessons in return.

If you are interested and want more information, please visit Liger official website. 

Plastic should be banned

Credit: Oceana

Plastic is what led to modern life and it is growing rapidly that could even outnumber humans on earth. Although plastic is useful, cheap, and accessible, we should not use plastic because it has harmful effects on the air, land, and sea humans depend on.


First, if plastic is burned they can cause air pollution which increases greenhouse gasses. Plastic is composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine, and sulfur which are greenhouse gases that are burn from plastic. Green House gases are what keep our planet warm otherwise Earth would be like Mars. Although greenhouse gases are to balance our temperature, if there is too much it would destroy ozone that helps stabilized temperature and would greatly harm our atmosphere. According to National Geography, “Temperature has increased dramatically over time and ozone has deteriorating. The widespread concern about ozone deterioration that allows a large amount of Ultraviolet B rays which cause skin cancers, more importantly, Earth have two poles that are made from ice.  If temperature increase thus would melt which result in flood”. An estimate in India who face the most tragic flood has ever happened, calculation by the National Disaster Management Authority have evaluated at an average of 1600 people died due to flood each year.


Secondly, when plastic is buried they release chemicals that could greatly harm the soil which affects crop growth. Plastic has chemicals that when release to the body of water or buried, they could bring toxin and poison living things surround it. Moreover many animals and bird likes crows are being surrounded by plastics which is hard to find foods. Furthermore, plastic that ended in ocean cause marine life to greatly damaged. Laura Parker writer who specializes in covering climate change and marine environments in National Geographic writes, “The miracle material has made modern life possible. But more than 40 percent of it is used just once, and it’s choking our waterways.”  Sea Turtles are victims, their prey is jellyfish. Many plastic bags can be confused as jellyfish which turtles can’t digest and many have died from plastic. Researchers found out that the younger turtles are at higher risk of death, therefore, death chance of turtles has increased nearly 50%. In addition to plastic bag, microplastic has increased to about 51 trillion particles–500 times more than stars in our galaxy–in our sea. In 2015, Jenna Jambeck, a University of Georgia engineering professor, estimated that about 14 million tons of plastic just form coastal region. She and her colleagues said that most plastic isn’t thrown off ships but are from rivers and smaller water bodies.

Finally plastic could bring harm to human body. Carcinogenic, neurotoxic, and hormone-disruptive chemicals are the main ingredient found their way into our ecology through water, land and air pollution. When consume or inhaled they chemicals, as a result, it leads to fertility problems, cancer, male impotence, heart disease, and others condition.

To all readers who want our next generations to live peacefully and happily in a healthy environment, therefore we should abolish single-used plastic.