Introduction To Algebra

In the world, every career has required the work of math to make the work more efficient, reliable, and to keep hold everything together. In our essential classes, one of it is math class, we all love math. For the first month of the new schools year, my friends and I was having fun doing fraction in our math problem in our math textbook(Primary Mathematics series from Singapore). In the past week, our teacher has been recently mentioned about algebra, she said that it is a bit challenging for beginners but when you kind of feels the flow you will find it to be easy. Thanks for the help of Khan Academy, Khmer books, and Sam, shortly after that we manage to learn a part of the algebra.

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My teacher said that it is just a matter of times, and don’t forget to “Make the most of your learning.”

I am not small !

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Ant is a small insect that belongs to a group of Formicidae, just like others insect wasp and bee.”Ants are one of the smallest species and smallest being that you can possibly see. But does ant actually consider the smallest thing?”, that is what Cambodian thinks for hundreds of year.

Many decades later, in 1704 the existence of Democritus has changed the aspect of all scientists which he explained as “Atom”, all matter is made up from small indestructible, invisible units. In 1704 our world renown scientist, Isaac Newton has theorized a mechanical universe with small, solid masses in motion. In 1873 James Clerk Maxwell proposed the theory of electromagnetism and made the connection between light and electromagnetic waves. In 1874 G.J. Stoney theorized the existence of “electron” that electricity was comprised of negative particle.J.J. Thomson determined the charge to mass ratio of the electron. In 1898 Rutherford discovered alpha, beta, and gamma rays in radiation and he also assumed that the electrons were located outside the nucleus. In 1914 H.G.J. Moseley discovered that the number of protons in an element determines its atomic number

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Thanks to the discoveries, we now know that there are so many things that smaller than ants. Atom is made up of a nucleus and electrons. The nucleus contains protons and neutron. In 1964 Murray Gell-Mann proposed that there is something that smaller than protons which are called quark and it is the smallest most, mysterious thing according to humans.

“There is a limitation of what human knows, but we are curious of what beyond limits”-Virak Bandith Thay.

Digital Design

As the world keeps on developing, technology has made histories and effect every corner of the world. World War 2 is an example of using technology in a way to conquer the world, and health care, construction, education have required the help of technology.

This year we started to learn about Multimedia and Technology. Cindy (our teacher) taught us how to do research efficiently, by just identified and categorized the source to two main sources:

Primary Source: Diary, Recording or any type of sources that happened during that event
Secondary Source: Review, Magazine (possible), biography or any type of sources that are not experienced in the first-hand

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After the research, she taught us, how to use Adobe Indesign, Lightroom, and photoshop.

Friday The Day Of Love

“When the words Saturday come up, I always think about the planet Saturn ?”. These are what I always wonder about, does it related, is the day named after the planet or the planet named after the day?.

   Even though the world is big, but it seems like we got influenced by many things. English words like Saturday is ថ្ថ្ងៃសៅរ៍​​  and Saturn is ពភសៅរ៍ ​​​​ in Khmer.

    During our essential classes, literacy is a class with the most works and what makes me came this far in a journey of fully understanding and get influence with English. Hannah, our literacy teacher is a very cheerful and thoughtful person, make the class feel like fun and makes student enjoys learning even more, but she never forgets to give us homework. Every Monday she gives off homework package which is always about words origin and a week after she will have a test about the word, and in Tuesday she let us read and do the assignment in Newsela. If you want to understand the origins of a tree, you have to start from the root so does the origins of a word. Last week we were learning about days of the weeks, and I was surprised at how they decide on the name of the days and the name of the planets:  


  • Sunday was “dies Solis,” the day of the sun.
  • Monday was “dies Lunae,” the day of the moon
  • Tuesday was “dies Martis,” the day of Mars.
  • Wednesday was “dies Mercurii,” the day of Mercury.
  • Thursday was “dies Iovis,” the day of Jupiter.
  • Friday was “dies Veneris,” the day of Venus.
  • Saturday was “dies Saturni,” the day of Saturn.

And how it named after god and god-being of anglo-saxon

Saturday named after the Saturn

Sunday named after the Sun

Monday named after the moon

Tuesday named after the god Tiw. Tiw is the god of war, just like Mar the god of Roman.

Wednesday named after the god Woden. Woden is like Mercury the god of  Roman. Woden can also travel through the sky and guarded the dead.

Thursday named after Thunor. Thunor the god of thunder which like Jupiter the god of Roman. Thunor and Thor are similar beings.

Friday named after the goddess Frigg. In the book, Frigg is mentioned as the god that is related to love.


Sometimes the days you born determined your personalities and traits. I was born on Friday, which meant for love and what about you?